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Clive Gelman the owner of Seagee Yacht Services, started his boat building career in South Africa in 1993. After building and repairing numerous boats (including two 63' Wharram catamarans), he constructed a 48 foot steel Bruce Roberts 

cutter for himself and cruised the Indian Ocean Islands and East Africa plying his trade. On his return to Cape town "ATTITUDE" was sold and "ATT2TUDE", A 33 Ft sloop was purchased and refitted. He crossed the South Atlantic singelhanded and worked as a shipwright in Brazil, French Guiana, Trinidad, Grenada, Dominican Republic and finaly ended up in South Florida, U.S.A. were he met the lady of his dreams and got married


While in the Caribbean, Clive became proficient at assessing huricane damaged boats, either to repair for the owners, or to purchase, repair and to resell. To this end he also now offers recreational boat surveys.


Seagee yacht services has done work for CLUB MARINE, NAUTILUS MARINE INSURANCE, various commercial reef operators and numerous private individuals and is the prefered boatbuilder for the Louisiades Rally.


Working on and repairing all types of boats from runabouts to Gin palaces has given him a sound knowledge of all boat systems and practical boat experience. He immigrated with his wife to Australia in 2008 and settled in Cairns Queensland.

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